At Taylor Design, we collaborate with our clients to learn together and develop user-based solutions, places, and services that drive value and are effective, valid, and delightful.

We embrace market sectors and projects that contribute
to positive experiences for people and the creation of
greater possibilities.

Design Process

How We Work: Strategy-based Design




Ultimately, our work hinges on design as a tool for driving value and serving client needs


Taylor Design’s three practice areas – Architecture, Environments, and Strategies –
are united in their use of design as both a point of view, and a unifying method for
our work. Our services are integrated in how we work with clients, and how we
identify solutions to business needs, whether in the built environment,
or as freestanding strategy solutions.


At Taylor Design, we believe in creating spaces of consequence—places where individuals can come together to develop an appreciation for community, a shared purpose, and identity. In such settings, experiences are enhanced and more authentic, cultures are enriched and new ones created, and a sense of community becomes more meaningful even while designs are mindful of sustainability and set the stage for greater possibilities.


Our Environments practice at Taylor Design is about creating experiences that have been developed through an approach that is multi-dimensional, strategic, and interdisciplinary in its focus. Taylor Design’s Environments practice is defined by how we collaborate with our clients and act as a collaborator to transform the experience of their surroundings and their interactions in ways that drive value beyond the physical environment.


The Strategies practice at Taylor Design is based on the discipline of design strategy and the principles of design thinking; we use design as a method for developing solutions and driving value for our clients. We collaborate with our clients to determine if core assumptions are questioned so that action plans are targeted – ensuring that organizational initiatives are meaningful, effective, and valid. Our Strategies services exist as freestanding projects or as fully incorporated into Taylor Design’s built-environment projects as an integral part of our design process.




Science & Technology

Taylor Design’s Science and Technology practice is well-qualified to design high-technology research environments with attention to organizational mission, workplace culture, technological requirements, and the needs of research-focused users. Our team experience with complex science environments enables us to make certain the facility complements workplace goals and the demands of equipment-intensive scientific undertakings.



For over 37 years Taylor Design has engaged in the design of healthcare facilities; we understand that health and wellness – in general healthcare as well as design for behavioral health and senior living – is becoming informed by other market sectors such as hospitality, and that cultural, social, and lifestyle factors are increasingly significant in terms of healthcare delivery. In our healthcare design practice, we strive to advance service delivery, patient and staff experience, and the community presence of our clients.



Our team members have a history working with education clients; we understand the intersections of learning and research, and have worked with clients on education-based design projects that respect organizational contexts that are unique to educational institutions. In our education strategy and design work, we employ a process that integrates specific project needs with overarching academic plans, professional roles, and community relations as well as institutional brand and potential fundraising goals.




Our firm’s culture attracts people who believe in the opportunity
for design to make a difference, and the idea that we can best create
possibilities by partnering with clients that are driven by purpose
and are service-oriented.


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