Design Strategy

Our Design Strategy practice is process-oriented, human-centered, and based on the tried and true techniques of design thinking.

Architectural Design
Interior Design

We believe in getting to the most meaningful outcome as efficiently as possible, with human needs in mind. Our strategy-based design process includes questioning core assumptions, investigating existing conditions, exploring analogous industries, understanding the competitive landscape, and observing behaviors in context. This holistic approach opens new paths for discovery and unleashes ideas that lead to innovative outcomes.

Businesses and organizations are seeking environments that support a shared sense of identity, commitment, and purpose for their employees and customers, all while supporting the organization’s goals and brand promise. These spaces are microcosms of communities, and often demand the same features that strong communities have— places to reflect, to work, to play, and to learn.

Our partnerships with clients focus on uncovering opportunities through thoughtful user research and discovery that may not initially be obvious. We take the time to learn about their business, their people, and their culture. We also learn from their customers and other users, giving us a complete picture from all perspectives of the organization and those it touches. After accumulating this information, we also factor in our ongoing knowledge of social, business, legislative, and cultural trends.

Our goal is to design places that offer meaning, service, and resonance to our clients and their stakeholders. By connecting to the people that experience spaces on emotional, behavioral, and cognitive levels, we make certain that our designs address all of those “touch points.” The success of our strategic, and interdisciplinary work comes from the knowledge that design and planning must begin and end with users.